Pubs of ibigbug®

Creations by ibigbug® including software, technical articles, knowledge sharings etc.

Upgrade to Windows 11 on PVE

How to upgrade existing Windows to 11 on Proxmox Virtual Environment

Setting up Clash as Second Gateway for LAN

Less painful way setting up a second gateway using Clash, IPset and iptables.

My HomeLab Setup

Topology for my HomeLab

Dell R720 PowerEdge Server Hardware Monitoring in ELK

Monitoring server hardware information(Temperature, Fan Speed, Power Consumption etc.) using IPMI, Collectd, ELK

Publish a Scoop Package

Make your software available for scoop users to install

Announcing PowerSession v1.0.0

Record and share your PowerShell sessions, the right way.

How to scan QRCode with SwiftUI

SwiftUI + UIViewControllerRepresentable scanning QRCode

SoftU2F for Window

Introducing Soft U2F for windows - A software implementation for u2f authenticator for Windows.

Read Golang MemsStats the Hard Way

Several approaches to read the Golang program runtime memory stats.

How to write solid cron jobs

Do you really know named return value in Golang ?

Be careful when using named return value in golang
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